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Try Financial Case Studies

Try Financial goes above and beyond when caring for their clients, and have helped numerous clients achieve their goals, read some case studies on how we have helped some of our customers below.

How We Helped


  • Clients home was 40% used as a hair salon
  • Many lenders only accept 20% business use
  • Many lenders don’t like salons at all
  • Mortgage prisoners from self cert days
  • 3 other brokers said they couldn’t be helped

We had a client who was using a large amount of their home for a client facing business, they were a mortgage prisoner stuck on their standard variable rate from the days of self cert mortgages. The client said at least 3 brokers had said there was nothing that could be done but we were able to help them switch to a lower rate mortgage whilst clearing some debts and bringing their monthly mortgage payment down.


  • Client had default of £4000+ they were unaware of
  • Needed to remortgage to raise money for divorce settlement and debts
  • Most lenders wouldn’t touch with a historic default over £500 in the last 3 years let alone a current default for over £4000
  • Needed to use bonuses such as “over night allowance” and “loyalty bonuses” towards affordability

Our client was in the midst of a divorce and needed to pull equity from his home for a divorce settlement figure along with consolidating some debts. It wasn’t until mortgage proceedings began that the client realised, he had a default on a utility for over £4000. Thanks to our large panel of lenders we were able to successfully help the client raise the divorce settlement figure, clear his debts and also pay off the default all of which cut his monthly outgoings nearly in half.

Missed Mortgage Payments

  • Client had missed 7 mortgage payments in the last 2 years
  • Bachelor who simply forgot to make payments
  • Numerous lenders do not lend to anyone with recent missed mortgage payments
  • Through recent months of successfully paying the mortgage we were able to source the client a mortgage and they are now remortgaging to a much better rate thanks to keeping up repayments for the last 2 years.

Missed mortgage payments are never looked upon fondly by lenders, with many refusing to lend to anyone who has missed one in the last 1-3 years.  This client had missed 7 mortgage payments in a 2 year period and the chances of getting a new mortgage looked slim. By going to a specialist lender we were able to put the client on a credit repair product and now with 2 years of making payments on time we are going to be remortgaging them to a much lower rate.

Consolidate Debts & Raise Funds for Business Debt

With credit cards and loan repayments becoming unmanageable, a company debt to be paid was the last thing this couple needed. Their income was not high enough to make remortgaging feasible to consolidate the debts and raise the funds needed to pay the company bill.

Thankfully with our specialist secured loan providers, traditional income multiples applied by mortgage lenders were not used and we can achieve lending to a much higher multiple, this meant the clients were able to raise the funds to pay the company debt, consolidate their existing credit commitments and still manage to lower their overall monthly repayments.


Our clients were in a dire situation where they were facing their family home being repossessed due to an unpaid HMRC tax bill, but they didn’t have the funds available to pay this and first charge mortgage lenders weren’t happy to raise additional money against their property for the purpose of paying a tax bill.

Fortunately with our experience in the secured loans sector we were able to give this client peace of mind by offering them all of the required funds in the form of a secured loan which then meant they could pay their tax bill and remain living in their home without fear of repossession.

Replenish Personal Funds Used for Business Purposes

Our client came to us seeking £200,000 to replace some personal funds he had injected into his business, his residential mortgage was on a rate of 0.38% so remortgaging was out of the question as this would have cost him financially in the long run as he would then have had a mortgage of just over £595,000 on a rate of 2% or higher.

Despite his residential home being on the same piece of land as his large factory along with a shared driveway, a director’s loan account of over £200,000 and low income due to most of the profit being retained within the company.

With our vast choice of lenders, we were able to offer the client the funding they required.


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