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Buy your first home or move somewhere new with a residential mortgage

This is a mortgage where you plan to live in the property you are purchasing. As a rule of thumb, the amount you can borrow is simplified to 4.5 x your total income but this will then be subject to other variables which will be considered such as current debts and outgoings. There are lenders who will go above the standard 4.5 multiple, but their rates will often reflect the extra risk they are taking.

Loan to values of 95% of the purchase price are available with some lenders even going up to 100%, but the 100% mortgages are subject to their being a guarantor/someone willing to let the lender have a charge over their property as additional security, this is because a 100% mortgage is seen as the biggest possible risk to a lender so having a charge over an additional property gives them some security from day one. Whether you have a perfect credit history, a few historical blips, current defaults/CCJs or are even currently in a debt management plan (DMP) or 1 year discharged bankrupt, there are mortgages out there for you.

We also provide advice on Help to Buy, Shared Ownership, and Right to Buy.

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