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The Principles Behind Sharia Property Finance

Shariah finance principles are derived from Islamic teachings and encourage ‘fair play’ that promotes fairer, more socially responsible ways of conducting financial affairs. Products and services that are ‘Shariah compliant’ are available to all and suitable for both Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

Shariah principles promote trade and enterprise to generate real wealth for the benefit of the community as a whole. It does this in a way that provides stability, is transparent and facilitates the sharing of both risk and reward in an equitable way.

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What is Sharia Property Finance?

A Sharia Property Finance can be used to purchase your residential home or an investment property. It is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and is a form of Home Purchase Plan.

Sharia Property Finance acts in a similar way to traditional mortgages. Please see our Resource Guide for more information on this.

One notable aspect to all Sharia Property Finance plans, is that the provider cannot include redemption penalties as a product term to remain Sharia compliant. This could be an ideal solution in both purchase and remortgage scenarios, where you may need to move home once more in a relatively short period of time or, there may be uncertainty about your longer term needs and circumstances.


Try Financial – For Expert Advice on Sharia Compliant Lending

Try Financial is one of a very limited number of adviser businesses in the UK that has the required permission from the Financial Conduct Authority to advise on Sharia Property Finance

We only work with lenders that follow the Shariah principles that are derived from Islamic teachings.

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